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Title after Stunning Comeback

Dutchman Pieter de Korver made a stunning comeback to take the title in the PokerStars.com European Poker Tour Grand Final in Monte Carlo. At one stage de Korver had just three big blinds in his stack, but a handful of timely double ups saw him back in contention. Dag Martin Mikkelsen went into the final table with the chip lead and managed to build his stack to 15 million at one stage, but when the table got down to being four-handed the tide started to turn.

It was American Matthew Woodward who decimated de Korver’s stack, but that was the turning point in the Dutchman’s fortune, tripling up and doubling up to fight his way right back into contention. Mikkelsen busted out in fourth, leaving de Korver, Woodward and Tulchinskiy who would go out in third place.

At the start of the heads-up stage, de Korver’s aggression meant that he was always in control and building his lead. The final hand when it came, saw both players have middle pair, but de Korver’s better kicker meant he took the pot and the title.

Matthew Woodward collected 1,300,000 Euro for his second place finish, while the new champion took home the 2,300,000Euro first prize.

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