Rousso Takes the EPT High Rollers Title

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Rousso Takes the EPT High Rollers Title

Vanessa Rousso took the honours at the PokerStars EPT High Rollers Championship, but not before a deal had been struck when the table was three handed, as Rousso, Tony G and Randy Dorfman traded the chiplead between them. The deal gave the three 420,000 Euros each and left 150,000 Euros for the eventual winner.

Tony G was eliminated by Dorfman when the American hit a pair on the turn. This left just the two Americans to battle it out for the title. Dorfman had the initial advantage and managed to extend his lead over Rousso during the first hour of heads-up play. Rousso was down to 5,00,000 chips when she hit two pair and managed to double up and she eventually took the lead when she hit trip aces against Dorfman’s bluff.

The final hand saw Dorfman hit two pair but it was no help to him as Rousso had made a straight on the turn.

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