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Make The Most Of Freerolls

You can find freerolls with varying prize pools at almost every online poker room. They are seen as a good way to start a bankroll if you have not made a deposit, and they have become even more popular now as players want to emulate Chris”Jesus”Ferguson and build an impressive bankroll from zero$$.

The “Ferguson effect” may mean that the mindset of the players you are coming up against in the freerolls has changed. You will still get the players that shove all-in with any Ace early in the tournament, but you will now get more players treating the tournament alot more seriously. You will come up against players who are maybe playing MTT’s for the first time, the casual players who’s there for the fun of it , as well as more experienced players who are attempting to rebuild their bankrolls.

If you go into freerolls with the correct mindset you can start to build a bankroll, it can be a long grind and more often than not you are not going to make the money and unless you win the tourney, winnings will be at a minimum. But if you use all the time that you spend at the freeroll table to gain experience and work at your poker playing, that is where you will benefit the most. Play the freeroll as if it were a cash tournament, remember there is a prize at stake, if only a small one, and if you keep your discipline, while other players around you are playing marginal hands, you will have a much better chance of cashing and building your bankroll.

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